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Order your custom frames online from Frameshop and have them delivered to your door. You get to be the designer with our custom framing tools, save on cost, and have your frames delivered within a week!

was really impressed with my purchase, no drama, very easy to create online, prompt service, hassle free. Thank you will definitely use you again

Lambrini Retsis

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Custom Frames for Pictures - Don't pay More for Less

Are you a Melbourne University arts major or professional photographer? If so, stop paying more for professional picture framing than you need to. Specialising in the provision of custom made to order picture frames, we're not only priced lower than your local frame store but offer far more in the way of photo frame and picture frame design than any other frame shop.

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Custom Frames & Professional Printing Services

Do you have photos or artworks which you would like to display in their own frames finally but don't know where to start? Worry no longer. As well as being able to provide high-quality custom picture frames, we also specialise in studio quality printing services. You simply supply us with your photos or images, select the paper or material type which you would like your images printing on and we take care of all the rest.

Frames for Pictures Which Showcase Your Art & Photos

Don't settle for second best when it comes to how you present your photographs and artwork. Use our advanced online photo frame and picture framing tools to design and build frames which help genuinely showcase your pictures.

High-Quality Frames for Melbourne at Affordable Prices

Because we're based online, we're able to pass on huge savings to you when it comes sourcing the best frames for your pictures. Even better, we dispatch photo and picture frames in less than half the time of traditional frame shops. Ordering a large volume of frames? No problem. Whether you're looking for single custom frames or buying in bulk, we never take more than a few days to create and dispatch any amount of frames or stretched canvas art prints.

Suitable for Both Homes & Galleries

Are you looking for frames which can help you showcase your latest personal artworks at local, national, or even international exhibitions? Whether for public gallery or home display, we provide a wide variety of frames capable of complementing any and all kinds of display areas.

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Picture & Photo Frame Solutions Tailored to Melbourne

Are you tired of letting you and your families precious memories fill up space on SD cards and computer hard drives? Every picture that means something to you deserves to be framed and displayed in your home. Using our photo frame design tools, you can help release your pictures finally from cyberspace oblivion, and start using them as truly inspiring home decorative devices.

Helping you Immortalize the Moments That Matter

Has someone close to you recently celebrated an important life event such as a wedding or the arrival of a newborn? Helping loved ones immortalize such memories in a beautifully designed photo frame can make a truly beautiful gift. Alternatively, you can use our frames to immortalize the moments that matter to you most in order to add touching decorative devices to your own home.

Frames That Protect as Well as Beautify

Unlike most store-bought picture and photo frames, our frames can help you better protect your pictures and photos by offering you the choice between different non-glare and UV resistant glass types. These will help prevent pictures from fading over time and are especially perfect for family heirloom photographs which it can be difficult to make high-quality duplicates of.

Shadow Box Frames for Family Memorabilia

Unlike more traditional picture and photo frames, shadow box frames allow you to present 3D items such as newborn babies hand prints, sports memorabilia and bygone holiday souvenirs. Our shadow box frames subsequently make truly inspiring gifts as well as add incredible atmosphere to display areas.

Certificate Frames & Signature Frames

Have you or has somebody close to you just graduated? A fantastic way to celebrate such an achievement is to present graduation certificates themselves in custom frames which can be used for either professional or personal display in your home. In like manner, more and more people are choosing to remember events such as weddings and graduation ceremonies by using signature boards which event attendees can all sign during such events. We can frame these too and help such items become favorite display pieces in your home.

Frames Which Complement Your Existing Home Design

With our online framing tools, you get to see your frame as you are building it. This allows you to create picture frames which perfectly complement your existing home decor. Even better, we've invested in creating a one of a kind online service which allows you to choose everything from the colour and size of your picture or photo frame, to the materials used in your display piece.

Australian Made Picture Frames for Melbourne

Are you passionate about supporting Australian firms and small businesses? At Frameshop, we aren't just based right here in Australia. Rather, we believe in keeping all of our picture and photo frame manufacturing in-house. Even better, everything from the timber used in our frames to the different glasses which we use are 100% Australian made and manufactured. Of course, this means that we can't always compete against mass-produced picture frame importers from places like China but what this does mean is that you benefit from far superior design and overall manufacturing quality.

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