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Tall, small, or any size at all

With our custom cork board tool, you're able to enter any size required up to 150 x 100cm (larger sizes available on request)

Design it how you would like it

Need your cork board to match your decor? You can choose from a large range of quality picture frames.

All framed cork boards come with hangers that are ready for your wall

Multiple Colours

Our cork boards can be made in a natural, black or white colour. We can also produce other colours, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

No Backing

You'll receive a cork sheet cut to size with no additional backing or adhesives attached.

Adhesive Backing

A peel and stick adhesive backing is applied to the cork sheet for direct mounting on your walls or flat surfaces.


Your sheet of cork will be stuck on a 3mm MDF sheet. This will keep it rigid and give you a flat surface to either glue, drill or nail your corkboard flush to the wall. Framed cork boards will have MDF and will include either metal hangers or string based on size.

Custom Cutting and Coloured Cork

Have a custom job or idea you want to see made with cork? Contact us to discuss your options. Pictured is an example that involved creating cork pin boards in various colours, that were then cut into motivational phrases. From there we mounted the cork phrases onto a black backing board, and custom framed it to finish it all off. From design to production we can help create a customised solution to suit your needs.

World Maps on Cork Boards

We can also print directly to the cork itself and create a world map pin board. Anything from a simple black world map silhouette to a detailed map with country and city names in full colour can be done. If you'd like a world map printed onto a cork board, contact us with your requirements.

Further Inquiries

For alternative cork options, please view our range of cork products. Otherwise, feel free to contact us.