Custom Framed Mirrors

Made to any size, to suit any decor

Create a custom framed mirror online in just a few simple steps. Once you've placed your order, we'll hand-make the framed mirror in our Sydney factory to your specifications and have it delivered to your door Australia-wide.

Create a Bespoke Framed Mirror

Using our online tool you can create a unique mirror to suit your decor. Choose from modern framing options or classic ornate frames to present your mirrors in a way that suits your style.

Custom Sized Framed Mirrors

We can produce a framed mirror to nearly any custom size. Simply enter your measurements and we'll create a custom framed mirror made to measure. Need a larger mirror than what you can order online? Please contact us with your requirements and we'll be happy to assist.

Mirror Types: Plain or Bevelled

We offer two types of mirrors that you can have framed.

Plain Mirrors: 4mm thick mirrors that are very clean, crisp and simple. These mirrors are great when you want to maximise the viewing space (eg bedroom or bathroom mirrors). They are also cost-effective and quicker to produce.

Bevelled Mirrors: 4mm or 6mm thick mirrors that are elegant and have a 15-20mm wide visible bevel on the edge. These mirrors are great as a statement piece, and can add flair and emphasis to your framed mirrors. Please allow 3 extra working days for production.

Hanging Systems

We offer two main methods of hanging your framed mirror.

D-Rings + Wire: This method involves rigid and strong d-rings with plastic coated wire attached. It's great for small to medium sized framed mirrors and allows for easy hanging. We always recommend two fixing points when hanging.

D-Rings Only: We recommend this hanging system for larger framed mirrors. It involves two very strong D-Rings mounted onto each side of the frame.

We recommend using the strongest hanging hooks you can purchase. Visit your nearest hardware store for a recommendation as the requirements do vary based on your wall specifications.

If you need a customised hanging system, or have a special request regarding your framed mirror, please get in touch with us and we'll be able to help.

Need a frameless mirror?

We can also supply frameless mirrors to our customers based in Sydney.
We offer three types of frameless mirrors.

Plain Mirror: This can be cut to size for you on the spot in our factory, the edges are rough so this is only suitable for inserting into existing frames or rebates. Available only as 4mm thick.
Polished Edge Mirror: This mirror is suitable for display without a frame, it's a cleanly cut mirror with the edges polished, a very clean look. Available in 4mm or 6mm thick.
Bevelled Edge Mirror: This mirror is suitable for display without a frame, a 25mm bevelled edge is applied and create an elegant look. Available in 4mm or 6mm thick.

Please contact us with your requirements for a quotation. Sydney customers only.

Protective Backing

We install a protective foam based backing behind all framed mirrors we supply. This helps ensure that your mirror is both bathroom ready, and extra safe in case of any accidents.

Framed bathroom mirrors often are at risk of desilvering due to the high levels of moisture and steam. This means bathroom mirrors may develop dark spots, rust, or crackling around the edges. The foam backing we use acts as a sacrificial anode by absorbing the moisture before it reaches the mirror helping it last a lot longer.

Safety is also a major concern with mirrors. We adhere our foam based backing to the mirror itself so, should you have any unfortunate accidents, the chance of the mirror shattering into many dangerous shards is reduced significantly, allowing you to safely remove and dispose of the mirror with added safety.